Baked Apple Slices With Oatmeal

Baked Apple Slices With Oatmeal

When I crave the zing and zest of summer desserts but don’t have access to fresh fruit, I turn to the freeze-dried versions. These weightless dehydrated fruit pieces span all seasonal produce, from Now, home chefs can replicate their favorite restaurant dishes from his new cookbook, “Love is Served.” Here is a sampling of what’s inside: Honeydew Melon and Cucumber Gazpacho with Spicy Pepitas, Satisfy your cravings in a healthy way. A sweet tooth is meant to be satisfied – yes, even if you’re watching your weight. Dessert, after all, is one of life’s pleasures, and deprivation typically

New data from Tesco shows just how lazy we’ve become when it comes to eating five portions of fruit and veg a day. Jamie Oliver’s back to try to change that, writes Hannah Twiggs ONE thing that I hear a LOT from people who don’t know me is this: ‘I bet he spends his life in the gym, never goes out and lives on salads.’  I have to laugh because the reality is that

Keep an eye out for green tomato chow chow, blueberry grunt, and Moon Mist ice cream the next time you’re in Nova Scotia. For kids, summer means having adventures outdoors but quarantine restrictions have put a pause to that. Parents have to get extra creative in ensuring their children still have fun and lead healthy

Baked Apple Slices With Oatmeal : If you had to start by cutting out just one food from your diet to lose weight, a dietitian recommends this one. Looking to doze off a little quicker? Want to feel well rested when you wake up? This bedtime snack is for you. No matter how you take your java, there’s a place at the Shore to find it – and we’re not talking about the chains.

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