Bath Bombs With Essential Oils

Bath Bombs With Essential Oils

RELATED: I Tried Taking an Apple Cider Vinegar Bath, Here’s What Happened To make yourself most comfortable: Meanwhile, if you’re in the bath for relaxation purposes, the correct water temperature is But if you need a little extra help in getting some much-needed rest, here are our top picks for what to stash in your personal wellness for a better night ahead. Related: I tried nine insomnia May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and self-care products like Bearaby weighted blankets, oil diffusers, and more may help with anxiety relief.

Create a spa in your bathroom with our favorite self-care products. From bluetooth speakers and foot baths to candles and bathtub trays, we’ve rounded up everything you need for your next at-home spa While there are plenty of CBD oils for pain on the market, not all of them are created equal. It’s essential to choose a CBD product that is third-party lab tested, and one that has a high enough

If you know a woman who’s graduating this year, we’ve rounded up the best graduation gifts for her based on our extensive product testing. She’s a new mom, an entrepreneur and founder of HBFIT, an author (Do What Feels Good), and a well-known DJ (plus, wife to one as well!). Oh, and with the launch of a new CBD body oil ($35) in

Bath Bombs With Essential Oils : As we start to emerge from the fog of the pandemic and over a year spent feeling highly anxious at worst and “languishing” at best, there’s never been a better time to focus on self-care.Caught up in The scent of lavender is loved by humans and insects alike, but what makes lavender scent so attractive? A group of scientists found out. A Louisville retailer is bringing eco-friendly and sustainable bath and body products to a new storefront in the Highlands.

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