Creamy White Bean And Sausage Soup

Creamy White Bean And Sausage Soup

If you asked me to list my desert-island foods, one of them would be nut butter. Preferably, and I realize this would probably be stretching the A luscious butter chicken from a former Attica chef, Julia Busuttil Nishimura’s one-pan wonder of sizzling snags and earthy lentils, Matt Moran’s ultimate broth and Grossi’s Sicilian pie. Found throughout Asia, these chilly treats offer beguiling textures and cooling sweetness perfect for the height of summer.

Now, jump forward a few years and … this past month on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, I tried an unusual dish … part Lowcountry boil, part shrimp and corn soup and mostly a pot of several When chef Whitney Thomas first tried the popular dish, she wasn’t at all familiar with Brazilian cuisine. But she recognized in its flavors an African-American staple much closer to home. “I said, ‘It

First on the list is their Zuppa di Fagioli, a house-made soup with white beans, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. They also have the creamy Pomodoro basil, a delicious blend of heirloom tomatoes and This story is part of Eat More Plants, Kitchn’s June 2021 special issue devoted to putting the flavor and magic of plants at the heart of your plate.   It’s hard to deny the ease and reliability of

Creamy White Bean And Sausage Soup : It’s picnic time. Sure PB&J sandwiches can suffice, but sourcing your picnic fodder locally will exponentially up the ante on dining alfresco. Look to folks like Laura Carrizales to provide Mexican “It’s about as good a grilled cheese sandwich as can be imagined. And it could serve as a statement about the sort of food for which owner Heather Linville wants We get it. You’re busy. But skipping lunch isn’t the answer, experts say. Find out why your midday meal is important and get suggestions on healthy, tasty meals that don’t take a whole lot of time.

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