Dry Red Wine For Stew

Dry Red Wine For Stew

You can freeze wine! The frozen wine won’t be quite the same when it thaws, so you probably won’t want to drink it straight out of the glass. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it to make wine coolers How time flies! Seems like only yesterday that I was waxing lyrical about blackcurrant gin for World Gin Day ( June 12, remember?). If Hungarian food and wine isn’t on your radar yet, Turul Project in north east London is here to fix that, with elegant takes on traditional dishes and a wine list you’ll want to explore.

As summer comes around again, many of us are looking for ways to keep cool while enjoying the sun. A sweltering day may have us longing for ice cream and cold drinks, but these treats provide only After spending a wonderful week with my sisters, Maureen and Carolyn, and their families in Manassas, Virginia, Corman and I now find ourselves in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Go Steelers! We are

Our café-hopping days are being put on hold for a while – and even when Phase 3 dine-in kicks in again, you might prefer to stay in and stay safe.If so, we’ve got your back with a mega-guide to the Bettina Campolucci Bordi talks us through the different varieties of tomatoes, plus shares a simple way to serve them.

Dry Red Wine For Stew : If you asked me to list my desert-island foods, one of them would be nut butter. Preferably, and I realize this would probably be stretching the Foreign holidays might be off the menu for many of us this summer, but you don’t need your passport to catapult you to these sun-soaked countries Canterbury’s farmers knew it would be bad when they heard of a red alert for rough weather. But it was much worse than they expected.

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