Water Bath Canning Apple Butter

Water Bath Canning Apple Butter

Even though I do not yet have my ideal pantry space, I do preserve a wide range of produce from the garden each year. All are easy preserves that can be made without a pressure ca Dig out the long-handled grilling tools and the meat thermometer. Sharpen up a carving knife. Grilled tri-tip seems the perfect choice for the menu, a triangle-shaped hunk of sirloin that cooks up Gooseberries were once extremely popular plants for kitchen gardens here in the United Kingdom, but have somewhat fallen out of favor. One problem is that people do not really know what to do with the

Thank you to all my loyal readers that were so responsive to send me their savings tips. I was overwhelmed by the response of over 600 emails in one day! So here are some of the suggestions and If not for the morning chorus of black cockatoos in the valley below, I could imagine I am in Italy. Or France. Or Spain. From the cosy upstairs bedroom at Graceburn House I wake to a pre-dawn sky,

Photo by Laura Dean BennettA colonial-style feast awaits. Rosemary roasted grouse and boiled potatoes is served with cornbread, cheese, home-canned relish, hard-cooked pullet eggs and apple pie. During the past year, many people have missed the opportunity to travel and experience the sights, sounds and tastes of the world, but it’s easy to explore other cultures and

Water Bath Canning Apple Butter : You would have never have guessed Missouri offers at least 10 lavender farms with new farms cropping up unexpectedly. Many of the lavender farms sell products and their lavender at local farmer’s What does Ms. stand for? Despite the period, it’s not an abbreviation! Here’s the real answer, and why it’s important in women’s history. The post What Does “Ms.” Stand For? appeared first on Reader’s Enough peanut sauce could make even shoe leather taste delicious. Nutty, salty, spicy and bright, my version is a melody of flavors that relies on just a few simple pantry ingredients to make

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